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Open Field Awakening Spring Launch Celebration

Saturday, April 6, 2024 from 2-5 PM (PDT) in San Diego, California, USA; this is an in person event, portions of which will be live streamed.

Location: Osteopathic Medical Associates – San Diego, 3706 Ruffin Rd, San Diego, CA 92131, USA

Tickets are free, please register your interest to attend!


In the past few centuries, humankind has become a global species. Our shared activities now involve the entire biosphere impacting the health of Gaia herself. We are not separate, not set apart from this, it is not just some “thing out there,” but ourselves to whom we do these things and we who, with all living things, are threatened by this precipitous action.

In our work as Open Field Awakening we join the growing movement of people turning to address this moment more deeply, holistically, and with more sanity. This organizational and community response stands as a prayer and focus of intent for the well-being of all; for the flourishing of planet Earth in service to life, love, and light everywhere.

Join us on the afternoon of Saturday, April 6 from 2-5 PM PDT as we come together in community, ceremony, ritual, and celebration of the initiatory launch of this sacred work. We will gather with music, food, conversation, quiet reverence, sacred ceremony and guidance to honor one another and our place together in service to the gift of life.

Navigating the turbulence of this time, for individuals, for families, communities, organizations, governments, indeed humans at all scale, will depend on the flourishing of fundamental values and spiritual wellbeing within each of us and our collectives. Through programs of research, training, collaboration, counsel, and prototype injunctions, Open Field Awakening serves to nurture the field of existing and emerging sociocultural technologies necessary to address these complex crisis of our time. 

Though material technologies will play a role in these transformations, the demands of our time are of a new order than those we have met in past eras. The work we face today is that of turning in healthy, natural ways to the interior sense of beauty, harmony, and communion, not just with ourselves, but also within those collectives of which we are part, this includes the entire web of life. Open Field Awakening lives as servant leadership to these activities.

We hope you will join us, please register your interest to attend (click) here and reach out to us at

with any questions.

May all beings be well and happy, may all beings know peace.

With loving regards,

Kabir Kadre (Pres.), Wisdom Council of Directors, and extended community of Open Field Awakening