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Domains of Engagement

Synergies of engagement is fundamental to the ethos of Open Field Awakening. In recognition of and respect for the living principle that nothing emerges alone, itself in a void and entirely independent of anything else, the work that we do makes intentional the act and process of synergistic genesis and evolutionary collaboration.

Within that, identification of distinct perspectives allows us to nurture an evolving complex of vital thresholds of emergent integrity.


Omni-Directional-Care-Awareness (ODCA) describes the awakened quality of mind as we perceive with ever greater detail in our appreciation for the gift of life and the creative possibilities of our engagements within it. This nature inherently expresses the quality of our relationships and experience.


Considering how to explore, nurture, and evolve with this awakened consciousness is a practical matter of inquiry. The target is not some imaginary static truth, but rather the field of the evolving cosmos itself and the intricate latticework of relationships that bring that into being.

This research happens at all scales, from the infant discovering their hand, to the institutional, and even beyond to contexts like of the ecosphere of the planet Earth itself. Each context co-arising with an expression of ODCA that can envelop it.


As a lens onto these fundamental expressions of inquiry and practicum, Open Field Awakening (OFA) acts in the capacity of concentrating Wisdom, and through various aspects of our programs, provide, facilitate, and nurture in the wider field a culture of human development towards increasing integration with our native biosphere and wider realms beyond…


These dimensions are never untapped in any effort, it is only a matter of the attention (ODCA) brought to them that determines their degree of help or hindrance. In all that we do we seek to maximize the values of stakeholder insight, participation, and benefit. This practice is expressed in our methodologies of research, training, and through cultivating engaged relationships at the institutional scale as well.

Love emerges as the expressed vitality flowing in relation. Given the relative nature of life, the universe, and everything, we recognize that all perspectives are, at their essence, partial and incomplete relative to their respective objects of attention. In seeking to fulfill the fundamental dharmas of our work, we recognize the vital role of relationship, community, and collaboration.


It is our intention that the work done within the Open Field Awakening membrane, continue to develop and refine value over time in terms of both insight, practice, and humility.

We make explicit our intention to be a resource of consultation to others whose pursuits might benefit from any merit generated within our initiatives.

These services are available at the individual, familial, community, and institutional scales.

In this we employ…

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