About Us

Open Field Awakening is committed to supporting and nurturing the well-being of the human species, this planet that we call our origin, and all of our fellow species upon it. Further, we are committed to supporting and nurturing the integrated well-being of all sentient beings everywhere, as well as the environments they need in order to thrive.

We exist to seed novel; nurture existing; and steward a global field of interconnected goodwill, intelligence, wisdom, and practice.

Through fostering love, listening, stewardship, shared humanity, natural and inherent generosity, hope, and collaboration, Open Field Awakening exists to nurture and support an emerging ecosystem of engagement for humanity harmoniously within this ecosphere of which we are a part.

We are dedicated to nurturing an awakened humanity and the evolution of consciousness.

Open Field Awakening Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) for public benefit initiative. All qualified donations are tax-deductible set forth under the terms of the US IRS.

Our Guidance

Board of Directors

Our formal Board of Directors, more appropriately considered our Wisdom Council, constitutes a diverse set of agents drawing on lifetimes of practicum and inquiry into the territories of business, technology, education, healthcare, community development, public profit initiative, and deep human and eco-systemic well-being.

Together these insights synergize to steward Open Field Awakening and its subsidiary initiatives in the humble yet certain enterprise and service to our shared evolutionary Purpose.

Advisory Board

Extending the insights, wisdom, networks of relationships, and skills of our formal Wisdom Council, the Open Field Awakening Soul Trust acts as an advisory board lending specific value appreciation and sophistication on a consistent and agile basis.

These Partners help to shape and steward a robust and dynamic organizational and cultural Heart-Mind-Spirit to ensure ongoing fitness and longevity to the fulfillment of the intentional Dharma – to nurture the continued flourishing and emergence of a Biophylic planetary super system.

Executive Direction

Kabir Kadre

A lifelong practitioner of Pathfinding the Way Less Traveled, Kabir Kadre places in his service to Open Field Awakening, his deepest embodied prayer and most sincere efforts towards the fruition of realizing an integral, ethical, and practical expression of impact in the world through the work of this enterprise.

With background in philosophy, spirituality, psychology, evolutionary development, systems thinking, and lived experience of resilience and perseverance with heart, Kabir leverages a renaissance view of life, the universe, and everything towards locally inspired and globally contextualized strategic initiatives in service to the evolution of life and well-being for all.

Let’s build something together.

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