Open Field Awakening

Let’s build something together.
– 2023 Q1

Open Field Awakening recognizes both the boundless origins of our timeless evolutionary process, AND the acute nature of our journey as we stand, on this planet, at the edge of the Anthropocene…

From within the human view, all time in the evolutionary process leading to our moment here on the globe of earth has been a profound, almost magical unfolding of material, living, and some say even spiritual complexity. This unfolding expresses itself as ever more nuanced and subtle expressions of beauty, generosity, and creative potential.

Today, in the face of humanity’s significant impact on Earth’s geology, ecosystems, and indeed our own evolutionary course, we realize the profound opportunity of this Open Field of transcendent development, to Awaken to this journey, to enliven our higher collective capacities for love, compassion, inspired creativity, and care.

In this time of tremendous upheaval, turbulence, and catastrophic potential, our work focuses on attending to the deeper soil of our species’ collective potential. By applying strategic, subtle, and gentle invitational interventions, we infuse our shared developmental trajectories with the nutrients of a more harmonious, more integrated, and more beautiful human presence in the world.

Warm regards,

Kabir Kadre, Founder/CEO

Domains of Engagement

Working at different strata of the ecosystem of the world, allows us to participate in the weaving of a holistic systemic well being…


At the core of our intention we find the full expression of the human body,mind, and spirit. Our work is an expression of the integrated relationships that make up our core team and broader partnerships. The well-being of all stakeholders is the ground of our offering.

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The project suite of Open Field Awakening represents a nutritive approach to fundamental values universal to human culture, regardless of time, place, or ideological distinctions.