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Open Field Awakening emerges as the evolutionary impulse toward the fullness of life force, flowing and vibrant, the very essence of serene connection. In wonder and humility, we step forward to serve beauty and a loving creativity for all.

Open Field Awakening – Launch Event

Open speaks to the wide-awake awareness aspect; presence, the very witnessing that holds the world. The Field is ourselves, all of life, love, and the luminous transcendent oneness underlying, throughout, and beyond all things. Awakening, the realization of an abundant gratitude within every moment, and the generosity pouring forth unto the next.

Open Field Awakening stands as a prayer and focus of intent for the well-being of all; for the flourishing of planet Earth in service to life, love, and light in all dimensions.

Today we find our feet grounded in the pain of broken-hearted beings, distressed ecosystem, and fragile futures. In the same breath, our hearts hold fully the deeper timeless truths of beauty, vast majesty, and boundless fields of possibility.

In our time of this awesome turning, we are all fragmented and wounded human beings standing shoulder to shoulder in fragmented and wounded societies with life in all its forms on a fragmented and wounded world. We look to the complex of existential challenges facing so many species, humanity not least among them, and we see through the surface features of this polycrisis to the metacrisis laying both beyond, throughout, and a part of this transformational being.

It is relatively easy and often necessary to engage ourselves in tackling those surface features of the polycrisis. Addressing injustice, climate change, sense making confusion, poverties of body and spirit, indeed any number of issues call justly out for our attention, and we respond. Alone, however, this is not sufficient to our time.

While some struggle, seemingly endlessly, against tides of acute conditions, still others lean hopefully towards quantum improvements in technology or sociopolitical and enterprise organization. Neither of these alone will meet the demands of the day; neither, we propose, will both of them together, except…

While the polycrisis represents a technical complex of systems in dysfunction, the metacrisis is not so technical as it is spiritual and grounded in the very essence of what it means to be alive.

It is a challenge of a new and inspiring order to re-envision humanity in the sacred wheel of life. Not simply living to tackle the endless problems of a voracious adolescence seeking dominion over profound mystery, but rather striving to take our place in the sacred gift and duty of witnessing the majesty and making way for the endless stream of creative manifest revelation.

This challenge is not a colonial endeavor. It is not the work of a righteous few bringing truths to the ignorant masses. This is a subtler form, as we say, a prayer and focus of intent, of seeing the dignified splendor/sovereignty of all beings and their communities, of finding the ways to love systemically and collectively all of life. As parents to a child, though not in any way paternalistic, we seek to co-create, collaborate, and nurture an open field of inherent goodness and a thriving harmony in the world at large.

The work of Open Field Awakening occurs as dialogic, even conversational process. Through this ongoing river of engagement, we uncover questions that invite lighthearted, though diligent, and creative inquiry. From these inquiry, we draw and nurture cocreative prototypes from which we learn, share, and iterate. All of this arises, most particularly, in service to the realization of increasing harmony between the countless bejeweled expressions of human being, culture, and collaboration.

Kabir Kadre (Pres.), Wisdom Council Board, and extended community of Open Field Awakening